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Chinese Consulate San Francisco Apostille?

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chinese consulate san francisco apostilleSan Francisco

Sitting within seven square miles on a peninsula in the Pacific Ocean are dramatic cityscapes and stupendous views that are known the world over. But much as plunging hills, cable cars, and – perhaps most iconic of all – the Golden Gate Bridge. According to a Cornell University research study, San Francisco is the United States’ second-most photographed metropolis, next to New York City. Exposed on the tip of a peninsula, San Fran is inherently photogenic, standing still (usually) for adoring tourists to shoot from all angles. However, its most memorable feature — the Golden Gate Bridge — is outside of downtown.

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Apostille or Authentication/Embassy Legalization

China is not party member to the Hague Convention; therefore, it is not an apostille. The correct term is certification or authentication. The documents will go through a series of steps starting in Sacramento.