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Tahoma, Washington Document Legalization for China

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Apostille or Authentication
China is not a member to the apostille countries; therefore it must go through a lengthy process of authentication. Hong Kong and Macau are apostille countries.

Documents Legalize for China
Documents such as power of attorney, notarized documents, birth certificate, vital record, business documents, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Statement of Information and personal documents get legalize for China.

Tahoma, Washington
The state of Washington does not have an office to legalize documents for China. If you need your documents legalize in a rush for use in China, you can go here.

Legalized Document China Apostille or Authentication

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China is not a member to apostille countries; however, Macau and Hong are apostille countries.

I mailed our corporate documents  to be legalized for China, they process it and delivered by FedEx before due date. What more can you say?

– Mary
Los Angeles, California

Legalization of documents go through an authentication process. Authenticate documents which are executed in the United States and will be used in China. Most common documents to be legalize are power of attorney, articles of incorporation, corporate documents, marriage certificate, death certificate, notarized documents, bylaws, bank statement, birth certificate, personal documents, business documents and school documents.

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