does china require apostilles

Does China Require Apostilles

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Does China Require Apostilles

Mainland China is not a member to the Hague Convention; therefore it doesn’t accept apostille. Macau and Hong do accept apostilles. Macau along with Hong Kong are two special administrative regions of the People’s Republic of China. For mainland China, to legalize or authenticate documents one must go through a lengthy process of chain of authentication.

Chinese Birth Certificate Apostille or Death Certificate Apostille

As noted above, China is not an apostille country; therefore, it would not be an apostille. Most people would have to get their birth certificate legalize or authenticate for use in China. Vital records and legalization plays an important part on what you need to do in China. For example, if your father passed away and he has 5-6 bank accounts in Shanghai and you want to get a hold of the money, this is when legalization come into play. You would probably have to get the death certificate legalize before the government allow you to have access to his accounts.