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San Jose Apostille

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An apostille is the equivalent of an international notarial seal. Any document which bears an apostille is legally valid for use in all countries party to the Hague Convention of 1961 on the legalization of documents.


Apostilles are not issue in San Jose. They are issued in Sacramento. If you need an apostille in a rush, you can go here.


Marriage certificate, birth certificate, death certificate, power of attorney, articles of incorporation, business documents and personal documents.

Legalization of Documents for China

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In Search Of Legalization of Documents For China

When using documents in the United States, documents do not need to be legalized or authenticated. If you’re planning to use certain documents listed below you would likely need to get your documents legalize.

  • Power of Attorney
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Birth Certificate
  • Bank Letter
  • Notarized Documents
  • Degree, Diploma and Transcripts
  • Corporate Documents
Once your documents are certify/legalize, you will be able to use them in China. If you need help with legalizing documents, go here.

China Document Authorization

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China is not a member of the Hague Convention; therefore, it is not an apostille country. Processing documents such as birth certificate, power of attorney, corporate documents, articles of incorporation, personal documents, marriage certificate etc. one must go through a lengthy process of chain of authentication. When the document is fully legalized it can be recognize in China.

Brea Apostille

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Brea is a city in Orange County, California.

What is an Apostille?
Apostille is a French word for “certification.” It is an agreement among Hague country members to simplify the acceptance of official documents in the list of participating countries. The Hague Convention was formed in 1961.

Non-Hague Member Countries May Require Further Document Processing
For countries that are not party to the Hague Convention it is required that further legalization of foreign public documents through consular, embassy, or US Department of State authentication.

Examples of Documents that need Apostille or Authentication: Agreements, Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Organization, Bills of Sale, Birth Certificate, Certificate of Good Standing, Death Certificate, Deeds, Titles, Assignments, Divorce Decree, Free Sale Certificate, Patent Applications, Power of Attorney, Proof of Ownership, School Diploma / Transcript.