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Delaware Articles of Incorporation Legalize for China (Mainland)

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Delaware Articles of Incorporation Legalize for ChinaDelaware
Delaware is located in the northeastern portion of the Delmarva Peninsula and is the second least extensive, the sixth least populous, but the sixth most densely populated of the 50 United States. Delaware is divided into three counties. From north to south, these three counties are New Castle, Kent, and Sussex. While the southern two counties have historically been predominantly agricultural, New Castle County has been more industrialized.

Articles of Incorporation
A Delaware corporation’s certificate of incorporation contains the legal name of the business, the location of the company and the number of shares the company has the authority to issue to potential shareholders. The name and address of each incorporator appears in the certificate and the name and address of the person or business responsible for accepting legal documents served against the business. A certified copy of the certificate of incorporation may be necessary for the company to establish a bank account and prove the legal existence of the business.

China Legalization
Legalization means the authentication of a signature of seal/stamp appearing on a document. China is not a party member to the Hague Convention; therefore, it must go through a few steps. If you need to legalize your documents or obtain the Articles of Incorporation in an expedited manner, you can go here.


Delaware Corporate Documents Legalize for China

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Most of Fortune 500 are formed in Delaware. The reasons why people form corporations in Delaware because the state make it easy for corporations to do business there and outside of Delaware. Additionally, Delaware help a company plan carefully to avoid lawsuit. Delaware maintains a separate court system for business, called the “Court of Chancery.” Delaware’s Chancery Court oversees matters involving Delaware’s General Corporate Law and has a reputation as one of the finest courts in the country. The cost to form a Delaware corporation is among the lowest in the nation.

Often companies require to get their corporate documents to be legalize for use in China. The matter becomes extremely complicated because Articles of Incorporation, Certificate of Good Standing etc. must be legalize in certain jurisdictions of the United States. Delaware makes it easy for corporation to do business in the U.S., but to get documents to be legalize for China is not an easy task. It must go through a serious chain of authentication.